Salty Saints

Matthew 5:13 tells us that we are the salt of the earth, so our mission is to sprinkle some salt everywhere we go, sharing biblical truths and the love of Christ and give you an inside look into our life, faith walk, and marriage as we have discussions over topics that we are passionate about. Feel free to reach out to us: & be sure to like, subscribe, and share! Thanks and God bless!

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Husband/wife Duo on Team Jesus!!

We love the Lord Jesus Christ with all our heart and soul and He has RADICALLY transformed us from "dirty old sinners" to born-again, on fire, sold-out saints and disciples of Christ!! If you have been saved and set free, this is true of you as well! It is our hope and prayer that as you listen to our podcast, you will come to understand Biblical truths better and that your heart will be drawn to serve the Living God in a deeper way. If you have not yet surrendered your life to Christ, we have plenty of great discussions that you can listen to and learn from as well, and begin a journey of faith with Him. To every person listening, we want you to simply be led to Christ by the Holy Spirit--however He may call you. There's nothing special about us except the One Who lives in us and has made ALL things new!!


Thursday May 12, 2022

What is moralism? Do “good people” go to Heaven? No…SAVED PEOPLE do. And it’s not all about “going to Heaven” anyway. Remember, our purpose on this planet in being redeemed, born again children of God, is to bring the Gospel to the world, make disciples of all the nations, and represent our King everywhere we go. Why is this not what we see in the church as a whole then? We do not understand the weight and responsibility of the call because we have not been taught rightly. But it’s all there in the Word of God. We live in a culture of death and this culture has infiltrated the church. Tune in and listen to this important discussion which goes along with the one we did previously about sin. The movie we mentioned is called Timechanger, if you’d like to search for it to watch it. You can also find all of our previous episodes and blog posts at and            

Friday Apr 29, 2022

I know we’ve put several episodes out this week, but God has just blessed us abundantly lately by connecting us with so many other brothers and sisters who are open and vulnerable and willing to share about their trials and struggles and victories in their walks with Christ, and to come on our little podcast to share these stories of hope with all of you. We pray that this is being accomplished and that you’ve all been encouraged and motivated in your faith journey. Be sure to listen to this episode where Mark is so open and transparent with us on all that he experienced through his childhood abuse and he provides so much hope and practical spiritual tools for the process of forgiving the nightmare. You don’t want to miss this episode!! Here is the link to Mark’s book (it is SO good…please grab a copy!): And here’s where you can find Mark: Website: Facebook: Forgiving the Nightmare  Twitter: @SowersbyMark (Forgiving the Nightmare)  Instagram: Forgiving_ The_ Nightmare  Linked in: Mark Sowersby  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Wednesday Apr 27, 2022

Today we are blessed to have our first guest on the podcast! Rebecca Berschwinger from One Little Candle Podcast is with us to chat about the topic of forgiveness and share with us a personal story about a stolen inheritance and how God walked with her through this trial and taught her how to truly forgive. We also share with all of you a personal testimony of a major trial of forgiveness in our life as well, which we’ve never shared here before. We hope and pray that this episode will encourage you in your walk with Christ and give you some insight as to how we can come to a place of true forgiveness, why it’s so important, and how praying for and learning to love our enemies is the key that sets us free. Please excuse the quality of the audio, as the internet connectivity wasn’t optional at the time of recording. Be sure to find Rebecca’s podcast, blog, and more at, on Facebook and Instagram as One Little Candle Podcast, and on And here is the link to the book she mentioned in the episode: The Calvary Road: Exploring Christianity --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Friday Apr 22, 2022

Sin…It put Jesus on the cross. It’s end is death. Jesus called us to repent and turn from it. We should be very serious and sober-minded about it then, shouldn’t we? Is this what we see though, in the church today? Or are we soft on sin? Do we make it easy for people to live in it and not call them out of it because of fear? Is this what the Bible tells us and exemplifies for us, when souls are at stake? Listen to us chat about this hot topic issue. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Monday Apr 11, 2022

This podcast episode is a little different than usual. In it, I’m reading a blog post that I shared last week, which was a message from the Lord about the modern-day “church.” Please listen as it is URGENT for this day. Even if you already read that post, you will still want to listen to this episode as we have a discussion about it after I read it, so it’s not JUST me reading the whole time. 😊 Here are all the links we talked about on this show (plus more…every one of them are EXCELLENT): --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Monday Apr 04, 2022

On this episode, we are discussing the difference between a worldly sorrow that does not lead to repentance and a changed heart verses a godly sorrow that produces repentance, faith, and a transformed life. We are also discussing the state of the church today and why this is such an important topic and facet of the faith that is not really even addressed as it should be. Please be sure to tune in with open ears and an open heart and see if anything we say resonates with you. As mentioned, we will be having some guests on the podcast soon and we’ll also be guests on some other brothers and sisters’ shows, so we will be sure to share those with y’all when they’re published. Lots of great stuff happening behind the scenes and the Lord is moving mightily across the land, in waking up and equipping the saints!! 🙌🙌🙌 Also, as mentioned on this episode, we want to thank all of our listeners from the bottom of our heart for making us #21 out of 154 “Best Christian Podcasts”…it’s truly an honor to serve the Body of Christ and be salt and light in this world today. God bless you all!! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Sunday Mar 27, 2022

On this podcast episode, we are talking about the most important topic to every single soul on the face of the planet…the Good News of the Gospel of Christ. What did Jesus Himself have to say about salvation? About following Him? This is a much-needed message for the days we are living in, where Truth is compromised and the Bible has been so twisted and distorted, to fit manmade doctrines, denominations, and organizations. This is from the enemy, who since the garden has deceived, stolen, and destroyed souls of those who God has paid such a high price to reconcile to Himself. We pray you’ll listen today and consider the cost of being Christ’s disciple and receive the Good News of the Gospel, in humility, repentance, and genuine faith. And that the beautiful grace of God will overwhelm you, convict you of any sin, and empower you by the Holy Spirit to be transformed, for your good and His glory. And that you’ll pass it onto others. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Monday Mar 14, 2022

This is the second of our “Let’s Talk About…” messages, where we are discussing the Biblical, prophetic events we see taking place right now. Have you seen the rising gas prices? Grocery prices? Inflation is here, friends. And it’s only going to get worse. While this is not a doom and gloom message meant to scare anyone, we know that soldiers in the army of God are our audience, so y’all can handle this. We want to encourage you to put your hands to the plow and don’t look back. Prepare your minds and hearts for action, and be ready no matter what may come. Fulfill the plan and purpose God has for you this day, in this time. Be sure to go back and listen to our previous message over war, the 2 part message we recorded with our friend at over trusting the government (don’t!!), and find our other audio messages on “Will’s Audio Teachings” and “Coffee & Bible Time with Angela” pages on the blog ( We truly are here for y’all. Please share this message. Reach out to us anytime at and follow us on Instagram @saltysaints2. We welcome your questions, feedback, and interaction. **Check this out: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Tuesday Mar 08, 2022

On this podcast episode, we are joining the bandwagon and discussing the most pertinent topic of today…war. How can we get around it, really? This is a very good discussion about wars of the past, present, and future, and as always, our aim is to bring encouragement and hope and point us all back to the main focus of the believer’s life mission and purpose. We mentioned a podcast episode we just recorded with our friend and sister in Christ, Rebecca Berschwinger, over trusting in the government and you can find that here: Also, the facts about war that Will gave can be found here: Also, check this out over the Cold War: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Friday Feb 25, 2022

With the current world events we see shaping up, this message from chapter 4 of 1 Peter could not be more timely. Peter knew a thing or two about suffering and he not only encouraged us about how our transformed lives for Christ should look, but he also taught us how to suffer well and what the cost would be. We have already discussed suffering more in depth as we chatted through chapter 3, but this is more of an overview message on it as we went through this entire chapter in this episode. There’s so much more we could say on all of this, but we are planning to wrap up 1 Peter completely in our next message, as we aim to begin talking about the current events more and are feeling the Lord leading us to focus on some important topics, so be sure to stick with us. Pray for our brothers and sisters all over the globe, as the beginning of the end is here. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


You have a GREAT purpose...the GREAT COMMMISSION!!!!

We ALL do! Jesus came to seek and save the lost, and he left the disciples to finish His work on the earth of building the Kingdom of God. This same call and command is extended to every follower of Christ throughout all of time until the Day that He returns. We believe we are in the end days and that Day is drawing nearer, so time is of the essence. We are all called to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world and to rescue all from darkness by the proclaiming of the Gospel. Join us and be equipped and encouraged to "go share Jesus with someone!"

Will & Angela Williams

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